Accountability – Not A Scary Word!
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Accountability – Not A Scary Word!

Accountability – Not A Scary Word!

July 24, 2019 | Read Time: 4 Minutes


The word “accountability” carries the burden of a negative connotation. It is often interpreted as a form of punishment or as an increase in expectations and responsibilities. When most people are told they will be “held accountable,” they cringe in fear!

However, when it comes to small business management, accountability is embraced as an opportunity for progress. At Huberty, we view accountability as an asset, assistance, or even a catalyst. We want to be held accountable and we want to help small business owners hold themselves and their employees accountable. Our accounting firm views accountability as a means to encourage small business owners to take actions that build towards achievement. Accountability brings commitments to life and gives meaning to goals.

As your business’ leader, are you holding your team accountable for achieving certain goals? An easy way to introduce accountability is during daily huddles or weekly team meetings. As team members commit to certain actions, make sure the commitment is noted. Then revisit the subject in your next meeting to hold them accountable for the actions they promised. You'll be surprised at how effective this simple approach can be in delegating tasks and stimulating progress.

Don’t forget about yourself! After all, who is holding you accountable to your goals? Do you have an accountability partner? Small business owners don’t often report to a board of advisors or shareholders. Although that “freedom” from oversight is an attractive benefit of being a business owner, it can also be a deterrent to progress. Only the most highly disciplined business owners are able to hold themselves accountable to their goals. For most owners, it is more effective to acquire the assistance of someone who helps push towards meeting the very goals and strategies they have set for themselves. Huberty is that perfect accountability partner!

Huberty's business coaches have the experience and expertise to establish road maps to drive you toward your business and personal goals. We assist in all phases of your business' life from its launch, through growth and decline, and during winding down and exit planning. We leverage our four main service lines ­– Accounting, Analysis, Strategy, and Planning – to help facilitate growth and strive for achievement.

Each phase of your business’ life cycle requires a different amount of focus towards either Accounting, Analysis, Strategy, or Planning. For example, steady growth requires a strong focus on Accounting while exit planning requires much more Analysis. Huberty’s business phase chart shows how we balance our focus in each phase to streamline the most productive results.

Business Phases

So what can you accomplish with Huberty as your accountability partner?

  • Create a stronger team. Huberty helps you evaluate the skills and performance of your team members to stay objective when it comes to managing, hiring, or releasing employees.
  • Enhance Your Skills. Not all business owners are great salespeople. If sales skills are not your strong point, think of how much more business you could gain with someone guiding you through new sales techniques!
  • System implementation. If your current process for quotations is slow or ineffective, you may be considering implementing a new process. Huberty's business coaches will help take your plans off the back burner and get them up and running!
  • New tools and strategies. Huberty acts as your accountability partner by continually evaluating your business phase and offering new Accounting, Analysis, Strategy, and Planning tools for you to implement.

These examples and more illustrate that accomplishing goals brings clear benefits, especially in terms of money or time. Huberty’s business coaches have mastered the functions that hold our clients accountable to their own goals. This, in turn, produces a return on the investment in our accounting firm. If you need to get important work done, consider a Huberty business coach as your accountability partner and prepare to be amazed by your progress!