Balancing Remote Work in the Public Accounting Field
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Balancing Remote Work in the Public Accounting Field

Balancing Remote Work in the Public Accounting Field

07/26/2022 | Read Time: 2 min


Almost every industry switched to remote work during 2020. Now, many companies are transitioning how their buildings, culture, clients, and staff are interconnected while still being competitive in the hiring process. Part of being competitive is providing the option to work from home for employees who would like to and are in a position where they can. A challenge for companies is keeping their culture while hiring employees who work virtually.

This shift has affected the public accounting field and is complicated by the work compression that naturally comes during tax season. Although a challenge, Huberty has successfully hired employees for remote and hybrid work. “Huberty works with their employees to fit their needs and understands and trusts employees to do the work and allows them to flex their schedule to get that work done,” said Zach Newsome, a Consultant with Huberty. He follows a hybrid work model. The majority of his job is remote, but he visits office twice a month to connect with employees and clients via face-to-face meetings.

Another way to stay connected is through video calling technology, allowing remote employees to feel a human connection when on calls. Additionally, Huberty leaders connect with their team periodically by calling employees one-on-one so they don’t feel left out. The firm expectations are equal for all employees, which helps remote workers push themselves to set boundaries. Many remote employees have found remote work causes them to work more if limits are not established. It is encouraging when your company supports those boundaries.

At Huberty, we work with clients who prefer an online approach. We have the technology to have video conference calls, transfer data securely online, and go above and beyond to meet unique client needs. Learn more about us as a firm and get started today!