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Agricultural Accounting

An agricultural product manufacturer was concerned about the accuracy of its revenue and receivables records. Huberty performed a procedures engagement specifically related to the company’s revenue cycle. The management recommendations submitted related to process and control improvements as well as referral of one of our strategy experts to function in the role of Limited General Manager.

Agricultural Accounting at Huberty


Our Process

In spite of the write-off of over $1.4 million in bad debts over a two year period, Huberty’s assistance aided in the survival of the company. This was accomplished by a series of business improvements which included the following:

Reduction of staff

Overall cost reduction in staffing and operating costs

Implementation and confirmation of invoicing and receivables procedures

Consolidation of two separate divisions and changeover of the company accounting system

Confirmed staff responsibilities and expectations as well as updating of the employee handbook.

Improved IT support, reliability, and security.

Huberty’s assistance led to a reduced turnover rate for staff, as well as an annual savings of over $220,000 in staff and operations costs. Our implemented invoicing and receivables procedures dramatically reduced the risk of the revenue loss which the client had previously experienced. Improved bookkeeping, more accurate reporting, and improved IT services were all items on the list of improvements applied by Huberty.

The Solution

Huberty assisted the client in reducing employee turnover while lowering staff and operation costs. We also improved the accuracy of the client’s bookkeeping, reporting, and IT services.

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In the third year of Huberty’s Accounting and Strategy support, the company achieved a return to positive net profit, the payoff of their line of credit, and a reliable receivables balance.

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