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Building a strong relationship with Kisiolek Eye Center.

Over 15 years ago, Kisiolek Eye Center was the client of a large accounting firm that was going through a time of transition. During this transition, the needs of Kisiolek Eye Center fell in level of importance. Kisiolek Eye Center, who was referred to Huberty (formerly Biwan & Biwan) by colleagues and friends, transitioned their accounts. Soon after they moved accounts, Biwan & Biwan began their merger with Huberty & Associates. Though Kisiolek Eye Center felt they might have a similar experience to the transition of their previous accounting firm, Huberty was able to not only maintain their service but also expand upon their resources and service offerings.

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Our Service

From the merger to today, Huberty has provided Kisiolek Eye Center professional, personalized service that has never wavered. Through the merger, Kisiolek Eye Center gained access to a wider array of services including:

Additional finance and business planning experts

Industry-leading accounting services

Retirement, estate planning, and business succession planning specialists

Though the landscape for businesses today is ever-changing, Huberty continues to be a trusted partner for Kisiolek Eye Center with accurate, timely advice and resources to ensure their business’ success.

Our Relationship Today

Huberty continues to provide resources and services that are unique to the needs of Kisiolek Eye Center while guiding them through the uncertainty brought on by COVID-19.

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“In light of the present economic uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we feel very fortunate to have an accounting team that is able to provide accurate and timely advice in a constantly changing environment. We also sincerely appreciate the additional resources and expertise that have been made available to us to ensure that we not only survive these difficult times but are also well positioned for the ensuing recovery.” - David W. Kisiolek, O.D.

Case Studies.

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