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A New Look For a New Huberty

A New Look For a New Huberty

March 20, 2019 | Read Time: 3 Minutes


Perhaps you’ve noticed our new look? Huberty has recently undergone a complete rebranding with the assistance of the branding and marketing experts at Sun Graphics Media in Sheboygan. While upgrading our technology and service lines, we have also modernized our look and feel to align with our approach to providing cutting edge, robust, and proficient accounting and business solutions to our clients. Huberty’s new brand will usher in a new era of company identity and personable, expanded customer service.

So why did we decide to rebrand our organization? Well, for one, we didn’t feel Huberty’s brand showcased how we are differentiated from our competitors. We also wanted to express the amazing internal culture of our firm. Huberty’s brand identity is an extension of the positive, professional, and personable atmosphere of our team members. We want our customers to feel a sense of how great Huberty is each time they work alongside one of our advisors.

Our rebrand also represents how Huberty is moving forward into the future. Like the world around us, Huberty is changing. Huberty is more diverse and technological than we ever have been. Our new “burst” logo is indicative of Huberty breaking out of the box of what clients have come to expect from our industry. Our “burst” can be seen in new services such as Wealth Management, Business Advisory, Estate Planning, and more.  As we’ve embraced who we are as a company and a team, we have also maximized the services we offer clients. As a result, the Huberty seen today is not the same Huberty of the past. Our new brand is representative of the “Huberty Ideal,” binding us together with our clients through our four pillars of innovation, inspiration, inclusion, and insight.

As Huberty moves forward, our new brand will reflect our internal culture and principles so we can continue to attract dedicated and talented individuals to our firm. Huberty’s new brand also serves as an indicator that we partner closely with our clients by exploring new ways to provide services that they need and value. 

Huberty is CPA-led firm that provides expert Accounting, Analysis, Strategy, and Planning services for both individuals and small and mid-sized businesses. At Huberty, we strive to be the first choice for providing an experience that is focused on a better future. Contact the Huberty team today to find out more about how we can help you or your small business succeed financially!