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Huberty Welcomes Brad Saunders as Director of Strategy and Coaching, CMO

Huberty Welcomes Brad Saunders as Director of Strategy and Coaching, CMO

December 11, 2019 | Read Time: 2 Minutes


We are happy to announce the addition of Brad Saunders as Huberty’s Director of Strategy and Coaching and Chief Marketing Officer. 

Brad assumes a list of responsibilities including business advisory in sales management, leadership, strategic planning, goal setting, KPI’s, and exit strategy as well as holding business owners accountable for their plans. He also provides leadership in branding and marketing to help grow the Huberty brand across all channels.

Brad began with Huberty in October of 2019 after dedicating over 25 years to small business ownership that included experience in acquisition, growth, selling, and diversified business management for such companies as Ice-Kold, Potosi Brewing Company, Magic Me, and Verlo Mattress. Most recently, Brad held the Director of Business Development position for Spring-Green Lawn Care Corp., a national home services franchise company with over 100 franchisees.

Brad joined Huberty because he wanted to help other entrepreneurs learn how to better run, grow, and manage their businesses.

Brad’s skills and expertise include communicating with, and understanding, small business owners, especially family-run organizations. With his experiences from having bought and sold three businesses throughout his career, Brad enjoys teaching and helping people understand and overcome their roadblocks.

“Small business owners provide over 80% of the jobs in America, and most small business owners run their business without any outside guidance. For many, it is years of experiments and mistakes that shape their companies. I am focused on helping business owners and entrepreneurs learn from my mistakes and to help them accelerate their growth faster and maximize their investment,” states Brad.

Brad has a clear vision for the future and aims to make a difference for business owners that want to set and reach personal and business goals. Internally, he would like to help build a diverse team at Huberty, as well as set strategies and processes that will lead to a bigger and better firm for both clients and employees.

In his time outside of the office, Brad enjoys outdoor recreation and spending time with his family. He and his wife Mary enjoy traveling to see their children and friends. Along the way, they hope to visit every MLB stadium in the country! He is also a proud supporter of Pet Rescue and regularly volunteers for Feed America.