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Managing Your Business During This Disruption

Managing Your Business During This Disruption

March 27, 2020 | Read Time: 2 Minutes


As we wait for the Governor of WI, Tony Evers, to provide his #SaferAtHome Order, we understand most business owners are seeing additional disruption. Disruption from Government, disruption from order fulfillment, and disruption within our staff. As small and medium-sized business owners, we are typically prepared for disruption, and most of us thrive on disruption. We would like to share part of a quote from Marc Cenedella from a recent blog he wrote on what it is like to be a business owner:

“You are one of the top professionals in America, a small business owner. Your leadership, know-how, expertise, good humor, cheer, and competence are going to be needed in a way like you’ve never been needed before…”

Now, more than ever, one of the most important things small business owners can do is LEAD. Have meetings, talk frankly, and use empathy as you approach your team. They are nervous; they are not hearing all the facts; they are looking for guidance. Be the person in your organization that will help your company and its employees through the next few disruptive weeks. Gather your leadership and create contingency plans. Start with what your customers need, then do what it takes to preserve your company. Meet with your leadership team, call your board, call your health insurance agent, talk to your bank about debt, listen to your attorney, check with your accountant, so you can make decisions based on the considerations you hear. Set your goal for when you feel you want to start calming the disruption. This is no different than when you set your goal for sales or profitability this year; it may not be clear. A goal without a plan is nothing but a dream, so be courageous and build a plan, knowing that it may need to flexible. Business leaders with a plan are exponentially more successful just because they have something to strive for.

Be caring and be supportive; we will get through this!

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