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A strong relationship with complete reliance.

When Dr. Dan Francis, owner of Francis Chiropractic, moved to Wisconsin 27 years ago, he began working with Biwan, now Huberty’s Sheboygan office. From the start, Dan has trusted the Huberty team with every aspect of his finances, both personal and business.

Our Service

Because of Huberty’s level of expertise and ability to build relationships with each of their customers, Dr. Dan was able to fully hand over his finances and trust that the Huberty team would take care of the rest. Dan entrusts Huberty to handle his finances through a wide variety of services and knows that the care he will receive is unique to Huberty.

Tax Return

Financial Statements


Quarterly & Annual Payroll

401K Assistance


Tax Planning

Quickbooks Assistance

Our Relationship Today

Dr. Dan’s trust in the Huberty team grew even stronger during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout the course of the pandemic, Huberty exceeded Dan’s expectations. They provided counsel during the middle of tax season that was extremely valuable to him and his business.

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